Dual 1219 Inner Rim Polished with Good Results

Recorded on April 3rd, 2016

photo of Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

I couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to get out the metal polish tonight. I was inspired by this old post from Seth (a.k.a. NoTransistors) on AudioKarma, where he recommended polishing the inner rim of Dual idler turntables to a mirror finish. I liked the idea of it for reducing rumble, but was afraid it would make the idler rubber less grippy. Well, I should have done it long ago, because it sounds excellent. I didn’t get it quite as smooth as mirror-shiny, but after a bunch of times around it with some Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish and some pieces of old t-shirt, it’s way smoother now than when it came out of the factory.

It must be something about the tiny contact area where the idler meets the rim that likes a buttery-uniform transfer of power through the whole revolution of the platter. The high-frequencies were unleashed and I could hear the actual tip of the drumstick on the hi-hat in the right channel on “Here to Love You” by the Doobie Brothers. That definitely didn’t come through before. It’s like the detailed goodness of a belt drive combined with the underlying force of an idler. I think it’s quieter now, but it was so windy tonight that it was hard to evaluate background noise. I’ll listen more tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my hands were too dirty to take any in-process photos of the polished rim. I was too excited about getting it done to think about taking pictures anyway. The gross photo above shows what cotton rags look like after polishing the platter.

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