How to Shift Octaves on a Yamaha KX76

Recorded on August 10th, 2016

Now that I have the Yamaha KX76 and the Alesis Micron on speaking terms, I need to be able to play one Micron voice from the KX76 and the other from the local keyboard of the Micron itself. The only practical way seems to be to set separate key ranges for Parts A and B in a Micron setup. Doing that is easy, but sometimes the zones overlap for the separate parts you want to play, so I need to be able to transpose the notes I’m playing on the KX76, so as not to play everything in the bottom octave of keys on that controller.

I spent more time than I’d like to admit before I broke down and looked at the KX76 manual. Thankfully, there was an example of how to set Toggle Switch 1 (TS1) to do just that. Intuitive it is not.


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