How to Get the Yamaha KX76 Mod Wheel to Work

Recorded on August 13th, 2016

Today I was trying to get the KX76 mod wheel to control the LFO depth on the Micron. No matter what I did, the wheel was just dead. I figured the previous owner had mapped it to some other MIDI control value. Sure enough, I quickly found this Yamaha FAQ page, KX76/KX88 Assigning a Preset Controller Code to a Programmable Control, and it fixed me up. I learned that you want to assign the KX76 mod wheel to Preset Controller Code 11 (which it wasn’t before), and then set a modulator on the Micron with a source of MIDI CC1 (the standard MIDI mod wheel controller number — I don’t know why it’s not 11) and assign it to control LFO depth, filter cutoff, filter resonance, or whatever you want.

To get the warbly end-of-phrase accent part of “Love is a Battlefield” correct, I added modulators (all with CC1 as a source) to map the mod wheel to control LFO 1 amplitude, LFO 1’s effect on OSC 1 pitch, Envelope 1 Release time (inverted), and Envelope 1 Sustain time (inverted). The effect is that when I temporarily crank the mod wheel on the KX76, the formerly lush pad sound transforms into a spazzy chord with a quick release. If I hold the chord, it dies out slowly. And then when I pull the mod wheel back down to zero, the lush, warm pad sound returns. I know just exactly enough about MIDI controller codes to be dangerous.


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