Gonerfest Or Bust

Recorded on October 3rd, 2016

Thanks to the Orange-Faced One, the word “unhinged” has been thrown around a lot over the past few months, the last few weeks, and especially the last few days. But right now I’m thinking of a different, better “unhinged” — the kind of unhinged that all the bands at Gonerfest have in common.

Gonerfest is a long weekend of garage rock that happens in Memphis every fall. I’ve never been, but I will go someday. (The closest I’ve come was Chapel Hill’s dear departed Sleazefest in 2003 and 2004.) My friend Ron did a bang-up job of telling the musical story of this year’s Gonerfest on his Haywire Hour radio show tonight on Little Raleigh Radio. To get a taste of what we all missed, go to https://twitter.com/HaywireHour for tonight’s (and every week’s) setlist.

Gonerfest bands sound super-raw, inspired, loose-cannon-y, and they play music like their lives depend on it. All those qualities, and simply the existence of a subculture scene like this, give me faith in humanity. If nothing else, a festival where Reigning Sound and Black Lips are playing is a festival you want to be at.

If I can’t make it to Gonerfest 14 next year for some reason, I at least have to try to get down to Chapel Hill for the next Blackbeards Lost Weekend, which is from what I hear a similarly inspired event. I am way overdue for my booster shot!


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