Cymbal Is Like Instagram for Music

Recorded on June 28th, 2016

screenshot of Cymbal app

I just saw a tweet from Frank Chimero mentioning the Cymbal app. As if we needed yet another A.D.D.-fueled way to discover music, this one really is like Instagram for songs. It’s like following people on Spotify, but even easier to dip in and out of tracks. You don’t have to play entire songs from beginning to end, and it makes (shudder) clicking on a YouTube music link in a tweet seem like wading through molasses. With Cymbal, you scroll through a feed of snippets of songs from people you follow and then tap once to play part of the song they shared. You hear each track for 30 seconds and then the next one in the feed plays, or you can keep scrolling and tap on a different song to hear it.

Cymbal owes a huge debt to Instagram for their user interface, although Cymbal is a bit more convoluted. I don’t quite know where it leaves me all the time, but overall it’s fun to use.

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