Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue Are Obsessed

Recorded on February 19th, 2016

I was genuinely surprised while listening to the latest episode of The Talk Show. Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue from Apple were the guests, which is a major score for John Gruber, the host. I always had the impression that, sure, these guys were beyond sharp and cared about good design and good hardware/software. But now I appreciate how invested they are in what Apple builds.

Craig Federighi admitted that he’s installed hundreds of builds of iOS and OS X on his own gear. He doesn’t have a team of geeks waiting to do this for him. Or maybe he does and he prefers to do it anyway. This is dog-fooding on a new level:

“I mean literally it’s 500–1,000 versions of OS X and iOS myself every year. I mean I have, you know, four Macs and four iPads and two phones and I upgrade them all to the newest build pretty much every day … All my kids are running the betas all the time. So we get we get live feedback and helpful feedback from the whole family non-stop.”1

Eddy Cue described a situation where he found a bug while installing OS X on his personal iMac, and because he wanted it to be witnessed and diagnosed right away, called Craig Federighi at night, drove his iMac to Federighi’s house, and got him to get his engineers to figure out what was going on.

Hearing Federighi and Cue, they love to use the new builds as soon as they’re available so they can try out new features and suss out bugs. What if people at all tech companies were like this? Is Apple unique? Are their people just obsessed, by nature? Is this the by-product of having a deep focus on design, or is this how they keep that focus going?

  1. Wow. Trint auto-transcribed this section and did a bang-up job. Very cool tool. 

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