An Undistinguished Browser History

Recorded on March 27th, 2016

Sometimes when I have no idea what to write about, I’ll look at the present day’s Safari history on my phone to see what caught my eye or what I was obsessed about in the past hours. Some days I get on a roll, doing what could almost pass for research on a topic, saving a breadcrumb trail of information to text files for current or future DIY projects. One of those nuggets may be worth expanding on and sharing here.

Other days, like today, I don’t know where my attention went. Or rather, I do know – in painful detail – where it went. Some of the epoch-shattering Google searches from my device earlier today were:

  • “is ted cruz crazy”
  • “did jesus really rise again”
  • “crazy cow cereal”

and this gem to round out the evening:

  • “jesus cadbury egg”

Add those inessential bits up and toss in all the attention wasted on the web version of Facebook and you have a squandering of the TCP/IP standard. I won’t hyperlink any of those searches, or any of the implied links in this post, because you don’t need to go further down the rathole.

Today’s only relative high points were a tribute to Garry Shandling, some old J Dilla videos, and a quick search for vibration-damping material (for, yes, the turntable). Why do I have this device with a total cost of ownership of $1200 every two years if I’m going to misuse its powers so regrettably? I would be more productive taking a nap.

In a similar vein, I know I’ve been looking at Twitter too often when I launch Tweetbot on the phone and there have only been six new tweets since the last time I looked. The more I check it, the more I feel the need to check it. What kind of press-the-lever-for-another-pellet rat have I become? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with people?

I don’t have any answers here – only more awareness of my patterns. Hopefully, more awareness of what I’m about to search for next time, and whether it will be worth the minutes, seconds, and accumulated hours.

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