A Plexiglas Top Plate for the Headshell

Recorded on March 26th, 2016

photo of tonearm and cartridge

I took the brass plate off the top of the headshell and moved it underneath, sandwiched between the wood and the cartridge. I did that because the top of the cart (which is rather narrow) was digging into the wood of the arm, and I figured the surface the cart presses against will be more rigid if the pressure is distributed across a harder material over a bigger area.

On top now is a futuristic-looking piece of Plexiglas I scored, cut and drilled. Now that I’ve learned how easy that process is, I’m gonna be cutting and drilling plastic all the time.

In the process of ham-fistedly moving the cartridge around, I of course broke one of the tonearm wires. It’s bothering me to have to go to bed, but it’s too late at night to re-solder it now. I’ll get to it in the morning. At least I had the presence of mind to pull the stylus off first and set it aside.

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